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Horror Make Up Show Universal

horror make up show universal

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horror make up show universal - Universal's Horror

Universal's Horror Make-Up Show

Universal's Horror Make-Up Show

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Universal's Horror Make-Up Show (previously titled Phantom of the Opera Horror Make-Up Show and The Gory, Gruesome and Grotesque Horror Make-Up Show) is an attraction located at Universal Studios Florida. It opened with the theme park on June 7, 1990, and is a live show featuring at least three on-stage actors who comically instruct guests on Universal Pictures' legacy of horror movies. It was inspired by the former The Land of a Thousand Faces show at Universal Studios Hollywood.It is notable for being one of the only original attractions still in operation at Universal Studios Florida, the other three being Jaws, E.T. Adventure and Lucy: A Tribute.

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Another display from Horror Make Up Show @ Universal Orlando

Another display from Horror Make Up Show @ Universal Orlando

I didn't see what movie this was from but I thought it was cool. This was on display at the Horror Make Up Show at Universal Studios Orlando.

Universal Studios Horror Make up Show 02

Universal Studios Horror Make up Show 02

Day Nineteen of our Florida Holiday.

Horror Make-up show at Universal Studios.

horror make up show universal

horror make up show universal

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