Elf Cosmetics Shipping : Maybelline Eye Makeup Remover.

Elf Cosmetics Shipping

elf cosmetics shipping

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This is a complete redesign of the nose. Again. Nobody told me there would be so much rebuilding with a SHIP! I think Goldman's Ghoul has got me as far as I can go, and I've put the reference photos aside. The rest of the build will be based on my brick selection, and my personal aesthetics. I'm going to incorporate a white logo inside the red stripe. Or I'll make the stripe white with a red logo. I haven't decided! The ship also got 6 studs wider. It ranges from 18 to 44 studs wide.

Death's Breath Pirate Ship

Death's Breath Pirate Ship

My first Lego pirate ship MOC. Not quite finished but nearly there. Hastily finished for BrickExpo 2010. It has a partially completed interior (cargo deck, gun deck) that will get re-worked in the next couple of weeks.

elf cosmetics shipping

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