Scary Makeup Ideas

scary makeup ideas

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Creative Services.

Creative Services.

A few months ago I discussed briefly on my twitter about being crazy excited and shootin a ton of zombies. This was the fruit of my labor. This is the near entirety of the creative department here at Sideshow Collectibles. You'd think with coming to the creative director with three insane ideas with so much production and killing valuable work hours would certainly get shot down. But it's all about how you approach the pitch. A few magic words, one imparticular being, "Zombies" and voila. A friday filled with instense makeup, lots of fake blood, and cramming my fellow coworkers far too close together. One of the many reason I dig the place I work.

I was lying on the floor while shooting this. And yes having 30+ zombies reaching towards you is a little scary every though it's all with hollywood magic.

So, this is how a company like ours does a department photo.



Another Friday the 13th. I know Jasonette makes it sound like this photo is gonna be based off Jason, just the female version, well not really. I only stole the name xD
I don't know if anyone has done similar eye makeup, if they have, I haven't seen it, so I have not "stolen" anyone's idea. Of course the fake slits are inspired by that Jap ghost, I've forgotten her name.
The makeup was done by me.

scary makeup ideas

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